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ANNVER - hi Brother just wanted clearification if there has ever been any notice, talk or instruction from our Church Leaders about no meetings or other gatherings on Sundays except for normal church meetings and that Sundays is mainly family time especially first Sunday?

JOEL - President Spencer W. Kimball once said to local church leaders:

"Avoid the tendency to crowd too many meetings in on the Sabbath day. When holding your regular meetings, make them as spiritual and effective as possible. Meetings need not be hurried nor rushed, for they can be planned in a manner that permits their sacred purposes to be accomplished without difficulty. The consolidated meeting schedule was implemented largely in order to provide several more Sabbath hours for families.(Ensign, May 1981)

Here is a statement from the church regarding the consolidated meeting schedule which started back in 1980, the purpose of which was to give families more time together on the Sabbath:

"A greater responsibility will be placed upon the individual members and families for properly observing the Sabbath day. More time will be available for personal study of the scriptures and family-centered gospel study. … It is expected that this new schedule of meetings and activities will result in greater spiritual growth for members of the Church” (Church News, 2 Feb. 1980, 3).

Stake President and Bishops have been encouraged to avoid holding too many other meetings on the Sabbath to allow families more time together. How a particular Stake chooses to implement this advice is up to the Stake Presidency. For example in my stake the meeting schedules have been arranged so that all regular church meetings are done by 2:00 PM for all wards so families can have the rest of the day for themselves. There is only the occaisional Stake Priesthood meeting or youth firesides that might be held later in the evening. I have never heard anything from the Church that specifically mentions the first Sunday of the month.

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