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ANNA - I consider myself a devout convert so proud of this wonderful restored gospel. However the hardest thing for me to grasp and feel settled about is Polygamy. Even though we say it was stopped in 1890, I understand that it is still possible to be sealed to more than one wife. Yet women cannot be sealed to more than one. I find it so hard to be passive and submissive about yet i want to be. I want to understand further on the matter so perhaps it can ease my tension on the subject and my worry that if i were to die, my husband could seal himself to another woman without my consent as id be on the otherside. I know this subject has been asked multiple times, but perhaps in my personal response for you i may gain something new and inspiring.

JOEL - Polygamy is a very hard principle to understand and accept. It was hard for the early saints in the middle of it and for us 130 years later who are not involved in it. I don't know what kind of relationship you already have with your husband, but you could just both agree that he would not get sealed to another woman after you die. A man who is already sealed to a now deceased wife can get sealed to another woman, but only if that other woman has never been sealed herself to a man.

If she has been sealed (and is now a widow) she and your husband could only be married civilly or in the temple for time only. If you can both agree to this then the problem is solved. Tell your husband now that you do not give your consent for him to be sealed to another woman; he has to marry a sealed widow. Either that or just don't die before he does :-)

Like I referred to earlier it depends on what kind of relationship you have with him now as to what you can both agree on.
For those who do get sealed to multiple women I have no clue as to how that is handled in heaven once we all get there. I only know that those who are worthy to be exalted will not experience any sort of jealousy or selfishness when it comes to their relationships there.

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