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AMY - What is the origin of the Patriarchal blessing?

JOEL - Ever since Adam, the office of patriarch has been passed down from father to son and those who held this position were High Priests (D&C 107:41-52). The giving of Patriarchal blessings also originates all the way back to Adam, who as the first patriarch and father of the human race, blessed his son Seth, promising that "his posterity should be the chosen of the Lord, and that they should be preserved unto the end of the earth" (D&C 107:42). Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob also blessed their children, opening up a vision of their inheritance and their destinies (e.g., Gen. 28:4; 49:3-27).
Patriarchal blessings may be given by natural patriarchs, that is by fathers in Israel who enjoy the blessings of the patriarchal order, or they may be given by ordained patriarchs.

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