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AKANIMO - What kind of body did angel gabriel have because he was Noah like we knew and i assume he was supposed to be in paradise.So when he appeared to mary the mother of jesus christ,was he residing in heaven or he was called from spirit paradise to do that assignment.

JOEL - Our "Heaven" (Celestial Kingdom) doesn't really exist yet. That won't happen until this earth is glorifed into the Celestial kingdom after the resurrection. At the time Gabriel appeared to Mary (Luke 1: 26-27) and Zacharias (Luke 1:19), of course the resurrection had not happened yet, so he was what is called the "spirit of a just man made perfect" (D&C 76: 62-69, D&C 129: 1,3), having no body yet. Paul writes that such angels reside in "the city of the living God" (Hebrews 12:22), or, as we would say, they live in Paradise (which could also be called heaven) where other spirits of the righteous dead go. Angels such as Gabriel would have a closer and more special relationship with God compared to other spirits in Paradise.

Noah eventually became a resurrected being, probably at the moment of Christ's resurrection (D&C 133:53-55) so that he might appear to Joseph Smith to confer the keys of his dispensation upon him (D&C 128: 21). He no doubt is now very active in the special commission to preach the gospel to the dead in Spirit Prison. (D&C 138: 30)

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