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AKANIMO - We had an argument yesterday in the Elders quorum. The question is, during ordination to the priesthood, the rights, power and authority of a priesthood are bestowed on the person. But i really want to know is there is a difference between the Rights of a priesthood and the Power of the Priesthood? If so, What are the the differences?

JOEL - There are many adjectives that can be used to describe the Priesthood but the most simple one is that it is the authority God gives to man to act in His name for the salvation of mankind. The reason why you were having that argument in your Elder's quorum is because sometimes when speaking of priesthood the words "rights" and "power" are used interchangeably. But if I were to make a distinction between the two I would say that "Rights" equates to the authority or privilege to do something in God's name and "Power" comes in to play when you actually do something in God's name. It is His power that makes it happen. And you can't have one without the other:

"That the rights of the priesthood are inseparably connected with the powers of heaven," (D&C 121:36)

There are several "Rights" to the priesthood, and access to priesthood "Power" is just one of those rights. With the priesthood one has the "right" to call upon "power" from heaven to perform certain acts; such as ordinations or healing the sick or other miracles (Matt 10:1). One has the "right" to serve in leadership positions in the church (D&C 107). One has the "right" to perform saving priesthood ordinances (D&C 107: 14, D&C 128:8). One has the "right" to revelation according to their specific calling (D&C 131:5). One has the right to preach the gospel (D&C 42:11). One has the right to understand "the mysteries of the kingdom, even the key of the knowledge of God" (D&C 107: 19). And in God's case it is the right to use the priesthood power to create and control the universe (D&C 29:31, Jacob 4:9, Moses 1:32).
And all of these rights that we perform are made holy and real by the heavenly power from God. And according to President Harold B. Lee:
"faith is the activating force of priesthood, without which, priesthood is not effective in your lives." (Teachings of Harold B. Lee)
So faith must always be applied, otherwise priesthood power cannot be realized.

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