WANDA - I read on another website that the Temple Work had been done for Hitler. Is this true? Why was it done?

JOEL - It is true that Hitler and his wife as well as other questionable famous historical figures have had temple ordinances done for them in the past.
Church officials have acknowledged the problem, but they insist they have done their best to eradicate records for "fictitious or inappropriate" figures, like Hitler, when they are discovered. The policy is to remove the records and nullify the ordinances as soon as possible.
The Church really has no control over the millions of names that are submitted for temple work each year. There are simply not enough resources available for the church to research every single name and determine whether or not it would be appropriate do perform temple work for them. The Church has always strongly counceled Church members to submit only the names of those persons to whom they are related.
When a famous name shows up for temple work, such as Adolph Hitler, they can not assume that it is "the" Adolph Hitler that the name represents. It could be someone else living at the same time who also happened to have the same name. While Adolph Hitler might be an easy one to refuse, it would be very difficult to try and pass judgment on every questionable name that might show up. Our job is to simply perform the work for all that have died and leave the judgment up to Christ as to whether or not the person in question is worthy to receive it. Ordinances performed in behalf of any deceased individual are valid only if that person is worthy of and chooses to accept what has been done in his or her behalf. So in the case of Hitler, for example, probably the only harm done was the time someone wasted doing ordinance work for a person who would probably never benefit from it.

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