TROY - I don't agree with all of the charges brought up against Joseph Smith. Was he ever convicted of any? Aquitted? Why do some in your opinion consider him a law breaker?

JOEL - There were many trumped up character charges that were brought against Joseph Smith; none of which he was convicted of. Various publications from unfriendly authors charged him with being a peepstone gazer, a money-digger, practicing the black arts, being a disorderly person, and treason.
He was also accused of duping others in helping him write the Book of Mormon, which they claim was a work of fiction.
Governor Boggs accused him of being an "accessory before the fact" in an attempt that was made to kill him.
Any charges that he was actually tried for resulted in his acquital. The attorneys whom he employed to defend him became his lifelong friends, convinced of his high character.
Many did this to him mostly out of fear; others out of pride to make themselves look more important to their peers; especially the local pastors of other faiths who considered him a threat to their existing orthodox Christian beliefs, fearing the loss of their members to this new "cult".
Others were bitter and hateful excommunicated church members who were out for revenge. I am sure there were many other reasons.
There were no TVs, computers, or NFL football back then, so I think some did it just to create drama and controversy so they wouldn't get bored.

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