TOM - I have a friend who is 42 yrs old now, and his patriarchal blessing says that he will live in his mortal life to see the second coming. Another 49 year old friend's blessing, states that she will come forth in the morning of the resurrection. She is under the impression that she will be already dead when He comes again. Does this mean that the 42 yr old could live a long time? Or the 49 yr old could still be alive and will be twinkled and become resurrected when He comes again?

JOEL - I would have to see the exact wording of the 42 year old's blessing, but it sounds like the second coming is going to happen within the next 50 years or so (before he dies). In regards to the 49 year old, the "morning of the first resurrection" usually pertains to those who are already dead and then are among the first to be resurrected at the second coming. However, those who are "twinkled" and thereby are changed to a resurrected body can have the same status as those who came forth in first resurrection. If you consider both blessings, both people could live a long time, but the one (49 year old) might die just before the second coming and the 42 year old will grow older and still be alive when it happens.

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