TANYA - I've read if you enter a temple unworthy than you will be doomed to damnation...explain this what would be so bad as to result in damnation. Does this mean you would enter a temple and be non-repenting or holding a grudge, breaking the WOW or what?

JOEL - I would have to see the exact quote in it's context from where you read this.
We are told that no unclean thing should enter God's temple and that we should not defile the temple of god by entering it unworthily. But to say one is doomed to damnation is a bit strong; it is not an unforgiveable sin. People make mistakes sometimes(including the things you listed) that might place thier worthiness in jeopardy, but there is always the opportunity to repent and avoid damnation.
Attending the temple unworthily is certainly an offense to God and one which could result in damnation; but whatever the person did to make himself unworthy is going to bring about damnation anyway, if one does not repent. Remember also that damnation does not necessarily mean that one is going to hell with satan and his group; it just means that you might not obtain the highest kingdom of glory if you don't repent. If one has entered the temple unworthily, one can always talk to their Bishop to find out how they can repent and once again qualify to attend the temple.

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