SUE - When they say we(LDS) can't drink tea, what kind of tea do they mean? Is it wrong to drink green tea?

JOEL - That which we call the "Word of Wisdom" found in D&C states that "hot drinks are not for the body or the belly" (D&C 89:9). Hyrum Smith, Assistant President of the Church, later defined "hot drinks" as coffee and tea (Times & Seasons 3 [June 1, 1842]:800). Church leaders have counceled members to avoid any habit forming substances such as beverages containing caffeine. Coffee and black tea are at the top of the list because they have the highest content of caffeine. Green tea also contains caffeiene and probably should also be avoided. Any other teas that do not contain caffeiene, such as herb and fruit teas, are acceptable to drink. The main councel from church leaders is to avoid taking any substance into our bodies that may be harmful or addictive. Chocolate, sodas, and some over-the-counter drugs also contain small amounts of caffeiene, but no official Church position has been stated concerning these items.

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