STACY - In Sunday School we got into the discussion of the resurrection of when our body/spirit reunite. They were talking about organs example: liver--and if we would have all our organs---We were reading from Alma 40:23--I was saying out loud yes--everything would be with us--restored--then they started talking about blood. I know some time in my life I heard that there would be something different Celestrial running through our veins.
Then, I started thinking about procreation. How the Father told Adam and Eve to replenish the earth--how we are to have families, etc. If Father in Heaven is resurrected is it in the same manner that we are made as spirit children, as well? This is something sacred--and it makes sense to me. So, that is why I say we would have ALL organs for creating children, and etc. As for eating that is all together different. Jesus did eat when he came to the apostles. Then some Sister was talking about a book or talk a Brother gave on the subject of the difference when we are resurrected-- and our anatomy. Do you know anything about this?

JOEL - Nothing has been revealed on how spirit children are made. People can only voice their opinions and speculations on this.
Since "even a hair of the head shall not be lost", we can assume that all other parts of our body will be with us when we are resurrected, but we don't know if we will use them in the same way we use them now.
According to the prophets we will have only flesh and bone bodies, without blood. President Joseph Fielding Smith said:

"After the resurrection from the dead our bodies will be spiritual bodies, but they will be bodies that are tangible, bodies that have been purified, but they will nevertheless be bodies of flesh and bones, but they will not be blood bodies, they will no longer be quickened by blood but quickened by the spirit which is eternal and they shall become immortal and shall never die." (Conference Reprot 1917 Apr:63) And Joseph Smith said:
"As concerning the resurrection, I will merely say that all men will come from the grave as they lie down, whether old or young; there will not be "added unto their stature one cubit," neither taken from it; all will be raised by the power of God, having spirit in their bodies, and not blood." (History of the Church, 4:555-56.)

One might wonder since our bodies will be quickened by the spirit rather than blood, what would be the use of retaining our hearts? Or, if absolutely everything is restored, what about all the hair and finger nails we clipped off during our life?

Parley P. Pratt asked humorously, "Now can we suppose, that when a man rises from the dead that he will come forth with nails six feet long? I cannot conceive any such thing." He was sure that a resurrected being's nails "will be of a reasonable length." He did not believe that every element that had ever been a part of our bodies would rise with us in the resurrection but that "a sufficient amount of the particles which have once been incorporated in the system will be used by the Almighty in the resurrection to make perfect and complete tabernacles for celestial spirits to dwell in" (Journal of Discourses 16:355).
If our reproductive organs are restored with everything else, will we actually use them to create spiritual children in the eternities? Noone knows the answer to this question.

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