STACY - Can parents receive revelation for their children about the person they are going to marry, even if you don't want to marry that person?

JOEL - In our time and culture(USA) parents do not make the choice for their child on who they should marry. During the teen years, parents can and should receive inspired promptings about who their child is dating. And I do believe parents might be able to receive positive or negative confirmation through the Holy Ghost about the person you are considering to marry. But they should not decide on their own who that person is. You should be able to receive revelation for yourself about who it will be. In my opinion no one should get married until they are at least 21 years old or older. By that time they are mature enough, both emotionally and spiritually, to make this important decision on their own without the parents feeling that they need to help their child. There is nothing wrong with listening to your parents' advice about the kind of person to marry, but the decision must ultimately be up to you. No matter how strongly your parents believe someone is the right person, it won't mean anything to you if you have not fallen in love with him and are not willing to spend an eternity with him. If your parents have done their job in raising you, they should have confidence in your ability to make your own wise choice.

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