SINDY - I heard that mormons believe that other churches other then the lds are the churches of the devil. do mormons really believe that other than lds churches are the churches of the devil?

JOEL - No member of the LDS Church really gives much thought about who belongs to the church of the devil. According to our scriptures the phrase "great and abominable church," which appears in an apocalyptic vision received by the Book of Mormon prophet Nephi 1 in the sixth century B.C. (1 Ne. 13:6), refers to the "church of the devil" and is understood by Latter-day Saints to be equivalent to the "great whore that sitteth upon many waters" described in Revelation 17:1. This "whore of all the earth" is identified by Nephi's brother Jacob as all those who are against God and who fight against Zion, in all periods of time (2 Ne. 10:16). Therefore, the "church of the devil" is not specifically connected to any single religious organization, but generally refers to any organization or cause that interferes or fights against the kingdom of God on earth. Hopefully no true member of our church is going be judgemental enough to accuse anyone else of being a member of the church of the devil, no matter what church they belong to.

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