SHELBY - When there is a temple divorce (with children involved), and one of the spouse's wants to remarry in the temple, does the previous spouse have to give their permission, before a second marriage can take place?

JOEL - According to the General Handbook of Instructions, the previous spouse does not have to give permsion. The couple does need to wait until the divorce has been completely finalized before they can be married in the temple. If the woman divorced her husband, she needs to get a cancelation of the sealing before she can marry in the temple again. If the man was the one who divorced, he must receive a sealing clearance from the First Presidency before another woman may be sealed to him. Children who are born in the covenant or sealed to their parents remain so even if the parents divorce and the sealing of the parents is canceled. The sealing blessings of the children are not affected no matter what their parents do. Being born in the covenant entitles children to an eternal parentage, depending on their faithfulness. God will sort things out in the end.

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