SHAWN - I was reading a reply of yours that explains the quote "until the sons of Levi do offer again an offering unto the Lord in righteousness". I was wondering if this could be referring to Ezekiel 40-47. These chapters follow Gog/Magog and the Second Coming. A description of the temple is given and it says that animal sacrifice will take place therein. It seems to me that this is referring to a future event after the Jewish temple is rebuilt.

JOEL - Those Ezekiel chapters do include information about the temple that is to be restored in the future and describes altars that supposedly will be used for some kind of burnt offering sacrifices (Ezk. 43). No doubt that this could be the place where the sons of Levi might fulfill the prophecies in the scriptures (Mal 3:3, D&C 13). However, as I explained in the other question you refered to, other scriptures are clear that the Law of Moses and blood sacrifices were ended with the atonement of Christ (Heb 10:18, Alma 34:13).
So we need to assume that the vision of the temple Ezekial saw should probably be taken figuratively rather than literally and that the offerings made in that future temple will be more like those we make in the temples today.

However, there is also the possibility that the sons of Levi could actually make a one-time burnt offering sacrifice in this future temple, only as a fulfillment of the prophesy, to signal that the Levites are again in the covenant and have assumed their rightful priesthood function.

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