SASHA - What is the Church's position on suicide?

JOEL - According to LDS doctrine suicide is regarded as self-murder and a grievous sin if committed by someone in full possession of his or her mental faculties. Because it is possible that a person who takes his or her own life may not be responsible for that action, only God can judge such a matter.
From an LDS perspective, suicide is a moral issue and is to be handled with particular sensitivity and human caring. The General Handbook of Instructions (1989) says, "A person who takes his own life may not be responsible for his acts. Only God can judge such a matter. A person who has considered suicide seriously or has attempted suicide should be counseled by his bishop and may be encouraged to seek professional help".
The ancient commandment "Thou shalt not kill" is interpreted in most traditions to include a prohibition against killing oneself. In LDS doctrine, "Thou shalt not kill" has been extended to "nor do anything like unto it" in our latter-day scriptures(D&C 59:6). The phrase "anything like unto it" would include suicide.
The Church has an extensive program in the LDS Social Services department where members who are having suicidal thoughts can receive treatment and counciling.

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