SARA - I read that on the mormon temple in salt lake city there is a an upside down star which is a satanic symbol which is known as a goats head. is this true?

JOEL - No. There are upside down 5-pointed stars on the temple that are upside-down 5-pointed stars. That's all they are. They have been called morning stars, which represent all of God's spirit children who were with Him in the pre-existance before He created the earth. (D&C 128:23)
It should be noted that during Joseph Smith's and Brigham Young's lifetimes the inverted five-pointed star was used in the American society without any association with Satan. In fact from 1776 to 1876 a variety of American flags had inverted five-pointed stars on them. Perhaps we should also remember early Christian artwork that depicts the Star of Bethlehem as an inverted pentagram. The invered star was not associated with the occult until around 1861. See the article Inverted Stars on LDS Temples.
There are a lot of other right-side up stars on the temple as well that are just there for decoration. At no time in the history of the Church has any church leader claimed to worship Satan. Other symbols used on the temple have their own meanings apart from anything having to do with Satan worshipping.

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