SANDY - I have had a terrible weight problem since I was born. Is my spirit a normal size? Will my resurrected body be obese also? Is this a part of my eternal makeup?

JOEL - According to the Book of Mormon in the resurection the body will be changed so it is no longer subject to disease or death (3 Ne 28:30-40, Alma 11:44 ). Since obesity is caused by some kind of disease or metabolic disfunction or even a psychological dysfunction, that condition should change for the better after we are resurrected.
Brigham Young said, "At the sound of the trumpet of God every particle of our physical structures necessary to make our tabernacles perfect will be assembled, to be rejoined with the spirit, every man in his order. No one particle will be lost." (Brigham Young in a sermon delivered in 1875) ("The Resurrection," Elder's Journal, July 1904, p. 153)
Joseph Fielding Smith said, "The question is frequently discussed ... whether or not a body will come forth deformed, if deformed in this mortal life; or with some part missing, such as if a limb, or other part was lost while in mortal life. The answer has been given in the most emphatic and positive manner in the scriptures. The mortal body will not grow in the grave, for that is contrary to nature. So each body will come forth the same stature as when laid in the earth. Children will rise as they were laid away, but after the resurrection their bodies will grow to the full stature of their spirits.
Deformities will be erased and in the resurrection will be made whole." Joseph F. Smith said that the resurrected person will "be the same person we knew... in our mortal existence, even to the wounds in the flesh. Not that a person will always be marred by scars, wounds, deformities, defects, or infirmities, for these will be removed in their course, in the proper time. Defects will be eliminated and men and women shall attain to that perfection of their spirits, to the perfection that God designed in the beginning."
So according to our prophets, our spirits appear in a perfect state, what ever that is. However, I see no reason for our spirits to be obese in appearence. And what ever was physically wrong with our bodies or not in conformance to our spiritual nature will eventually be corrected after the resurrection. I am most certain that obesity is included.

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