RICHARD - I have a question about who a child gets sealed to in the eternities if both parents do not make it due to there unworthiness.
Would the child be sealed to the next set of worthy parents in his or hers geneology pedigree line i.e.(Grandparents or ggreat grandparents)or which worthy Gparents comes first? This concept seems logical. However because of our free agency, can this particular child choose a set of parents on another Geneology line.
I did read the statement by Joseph Feilding Smith:Here is what Joseph Fielding Smith said in The Doctrines of Salvation:
"Outside the Celestial kingdom there is no family unit. That organization is reserved for those willing to abide in every covenant and every obligation which we are called upon to receive while we sojurn here in this mortal life(p. 67)
...children left without one and maybe without both parents, to be taken perhaps through the mercy of the Almighty into some other faithful family, to be adopted in such a family to be theirs through all eternity...(p. 83)
Would this mean any set of parents outside our pedigree line?
I am also reminded of this welding link as stated in D&C 128:18
Is there any material from the leaders of the Church?

JOEL - Notice that President Smith said "perhaps" the child will be taken into another family. I don't think we really know much about this for sure beyond speculation. His opinion on this may be accurate, but it would not really matter which other family, if any, the child would be adopted in to. Here is why. There is a divine patriarchal order under Christ that is established in the Celestial Kingdom to which all children will belong to who have undergone the sealing ordinance or were born under the covenant. Because of this order, it doesn't really matter so much if someone's parents don't make it there or not; we are all sealed into God's one big family in the Cesletial Kingdom.
Joseph F. Smith said:

"The living cannot be made perfect without the dead, nor the dead be made perfect without the living, There has got to be a welding together and a joining together of parents and children and children and parents until the whole chain of God's family shall be welded together into one chain, and they shall all become the family of God and His Christ." (Joseph F. Smith, Millennial Star 68:628-629, August 26, 1906)

Therefore, while all children hope that they will be with their parents in the Celestial Kingdom, as long as they are sealed into the family of God and remain faithful, they will enjoy all the blessings that come from being sealed. What is perhaps most important is the sealing to our spouse, for ultimately that is the only way we can obtain the full measure of exaltation.

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