RAY - I have stumbled across your site and have found your "Answers to Submitted Questions About the LDS Church" to be very informative and insightful. Being a member of the LDS Church, I know we are told to be wary of where we get our information. I also know that this site doesn't represent the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints but is a tool to convey some information in regards to the Church and it's beliefs and teachings. I was wondering what callings you hold or have held and what has helped you in answering these questions that are posed. I have noticed that some of them come from some rather informed individuals and are complex in nature.

JOEL - I have held many of the positions there are in the church(on the local level) at some time throughout my life; Gospel Doctrine teacher, Elder's quorum pres., High Priest Group leader, Branch President, Full-time Missionary, Stake missionary,Young Men's President, Ward and Stake Clerk, Home teacher, Husband, Father, etc.. All of these things have given me experiences in the church, which helps me somewhat in answering questions. But what has helped me the most is simply the desire to study Gospel principles. I have a large library of church books; I read the scriptures often; pray often; and surf the internet. :-)
My profession as a research scientist has taught me how to study and to know how and where to find information and how to analyze and sort it all out; hopefully with the help of the Holy Ghost. I hold on to the assumption that, if the Church is indeed true, then there must be logical answers to any question that any friend or foe of the church could ask. We may never find all the answers to all the questions in this life time, but I do enjoy the process of searching and pondering different subjects of the Gospel and helping others know about the answers that do exist.

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