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The Seer and Pearl of Great Price   Seer
Contains the following bound into one book:
The Seer - Volumes I and II,  Seer intro
Washington City, D.C. - Dec 21 1852
Orson Pratt editor
The Prussion Mission - Report of Elder Orson Spencer to Brigham Young  prussian
Liverpool London 1853
Pearl of Great Price  Seer intro
Liverpool - 1851

Scripture, Date, # in collection, Binding, Other info.
BOM, 1883?, 1, hard, textured cover - missing first 48 pages  bom_1883
BOM, 1918, 1, soft, no columns  bom_1918
BOM, 1920, 8, Hard black, 1 bound originally upsidedown  bom_1920
BOM, 1920, 3, Hard blue,   bom_1920
BOM, 1920?, 1, black textured, title on front cover  bom_1920
BOM, 1920? , 1, black smooth, title on front cover  bom_1920
BOM, 1923, 1, hard black,   bom_1923
BOM, 1924, 2, hard black,   bom_1920
BOM, 1943, 1, soft brown, pocket size  bom_1943ps
BOM, 1944-48?, 1, Hard blue,   Seer intro
BOM, 1949?, 4, hard blue, title on front cover  Seer intro
BOM, 1950, 2, hard blue,   bom_1950
BOM, 1950, 1, hard blue, title on front  Seer intro
BOM, 1950, 1, soft brown,   bom_1950sb_brn
BOM, 1950, 2, soft,  bom_1950bsb
BOM, 1951, 1, hard,  bom_1951
BOM, 1952, 2, soft black,   bom_1952sb
BOM, 1959, 1, hard blue,   bom_1959hb_temp
BOM, 1961, 1, hard blue, PH edition  bom_1961_phed
BOM, 1961, 1, soft sky blue, moroni on cover  Seer intro
BOM, 1963, 1, soft sky blue striped, moroni  bom_1963sb_angel
BOM, 1964, 1, soft brown,   bom_1964sb_brn
BOM, 1964, 1, soft brown, RLDS + pamphlet  bom_1964sb_rlds
BOM, 1966, 1, hard brown, pocket size  bom_1966ps
BOM, 1966, 1, hard blue, temple on front  bom_1966t
BOM, 1966, 1, blue, RLDS   bom_1966_rlds
BOM, 1974, 1, hard blue,   bom_1974
BOM, 1974, 1, soft, Expo 74  bom_expo74
BOM, 1976, 1, hard blue, soft surface  bom_1976s
BOM, 1976, 1, soft sky blue, Moroni  bom_1976m
BOM, 1977, 1, soft sky blue, Moroni  bom_1977m
BOM, 1977, 1, hard blue,   bom_1977
BOM, 1977, 1, soft white,   bom_1977w
BOM, 1978, 1, hard blue,   bom_1978
BOM, 1978, 1, soft, Gold plate front  bom_1978
BOM, 1980, 1, hard, Limited edition 1830 facsimile  
bom_1830facsbom_1830facs intro
BOM, 1980, 3, soft, Gold plate front  bom_1980
BOM, 1981, 1, soft blue, originally bound missing 14 chapters of Mosiah  
D&C, 1944, 1, hard blue,   dc_1944
D&C, 1944, 1, hard black,   dc_1944
D&C, 1946, 1, hard blue,   dc_1946
D&C, 1947, 1, hard blue,   dc_1947
D&C, 1948, 1, hard blue,   dc_1948
D&C, 1953, 1, hard blue,   dc_1953
D&C, 1970, 1, turq, RLDS ed.   dc_1970rlds
PGP, 1943, 1, hard blue,   pgp_1943
PGP, 1944, 1, hard blue,   pgp_1944
PGP, 1948, 1, hard blue,   pgp_1948
D&C/PGP, 1952, 2, soft blue,   dcpgp_1952
D&C/PGP, 1952, 1, soft brown,   dcpgp_1952
D&C/PGP, 1962, 1, hard purple,   dcpgp_1962
D&C/PGP, 1967, 1, soft red,   dcpgp_1967
D&C/PGP, 1973, 1, soft red,   dcpgp_1973
D&C/PGP, 1978, 1, soft red,   dcpgp_1978
Triple, 1907, 1, hard black, triple comb - includes Lectures on Faith  Seer intro
Triple, 1950, 1, hard black, triple comb  triple_1950hb

Other LDS Books:
Journal of Discourses Vol 14-15  Journal of Discourses Vol 14-15   Journal of Discourses Vol 14-15 intro
Various LDS Church leaders
Liverpool England - 1872
Preface by George Reynolds

Journal of Discourses - Vol II  Journal of Discourses - Vol II  Journal of Discourses - Vol II
Various LDS Church leaders
Liverpool London - 1855

The Articles of Faith  The Articles of Faith
James E. Talmage
Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah - 1899
1st ed

The Story of the Book of Mormon   Story of the Book of Mormon
Elder George Reynolds
Salt Lake City - Jos. Hyrum Parry, Pub. - 1888
1st ed

One Hundred Years of Mormonism  One Hundred Years of Mormonism
John Henry Evans
A history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1805 to 1905
Salt Lake City Deseret News - 1905

Temples of the Most High  Temples of the Most High
N. B. Lundwall
Salt Lake City, UT 1941

Mother Stories from the Book of Mormon  Mother Stories from the Book of Mormon
W. A. Morton
Salt Lake City, UT - 1911

What Jesus Taught  What Jesus Taught
Osborne J. P. Widstoe
The Deseret Sunday School Union Salt Lake City, UT - 1917

The Journey to the Promised Land - Vol. I  The Journey to the Promised Land - Vol. I
Deta Petersen Neeley
Fifth Printing - 1949

Added Upon  Added Upon
Nephi Andersen
21st printing 1962
Bookcraft, Salt Lake City, Utah

Unto the Hills  Unto the Hills
Richard L. Evans
Harper & Brothers - 1949

Discourses of Master Minds  Discourses of Master Minds
Discourses by Brigham Young, Orson Pratt, B.H. Roberts
Deseret News Press - no date

Voice of Warning  Voice of Warning
Parley P. Pratt
Press of Zion's Printing and Publishing Co.
Independence, Jackson Co. Mo. - 1937

An Introduction to the Gospel  An Introduction to the Gospel
Lowell L. Benion
Deseret Sunday School Union Board
Salt Lake City, UT - 1959

Key to Theology  Key to Theology
Parley P. Pratt
8th Ed. Salt Lake City, Ut
Deseret Book Co. - 1938

Ancient America Speaks  Ancient America Speaks
Leland H. Monson
Deseret Book Co.
Salt Lake City, Ut - 1958

Non-LDS Books:
Pentecostal Hymns No. 1  Pentecostal Hymns  No. 1
Hope Publishing Co., Chicago - 1894

The Origin of Nations  The Origin of Nations
George Rawlinson
London - The Religious Tract Society - 1877

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