NANCY - Question: why do some mormon missionaries and church members push you to believe what they believe? i have seen and met some pushy mormons. also why do the missionaries keep coming back even when someone tells them they are not interested? this happened to someone in my family.

JOEL - We are not a bunch of identical clones in our church. We all have our own personalities, talents, and methods of communication when it comes to talking about our church. Some are aggresive and pushy, some are more reserved, and some are too shy to talk to anyone at all. Of course it is only going to be the pushy ones that get your attention and anoy you. Most are not that way. But all members have been given a charge from God to reach as many people as we can with the Gospel, so everyone has a chance to hear about it. Missionaries are rotated out of areas every few months and sometimes their records about who has or has not been visitied are incomplete; so you are likely to get visited by a new set of missionaries sooner than you think is necessary.

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