MMURDOCH - What is the deal with the husbands getting the wives into heaven? Do you believe that you should keep having babies because they are souls waiting in heaven?

JOEL - No one "gets" anyone into heaven. They have to get there on their own faith, their righteousness and good works, and by the grace of God. The Husbands are the head of the family and holders of the Priesthood. By authority of this priesthood and as head of the family, they take part in the resurrection and entrance of their wives and children into heaven so they can be an eternal family together. And while here on earth, it is their responsibility to do all they can to help them accomplish that goal. Each person however must accept Christ on their own and prove himself or herself worthy to be allowed into the presence of God.

We believe that there are spirits in a place like heaven who are waiting to come here to earth and obtain their own physical bodies. For this reason we are encouraged to have children so that those spirits can come into stable healthy homes where the gospel of Jesus is taught. But no one should have more children than they can take care of reasonably well.

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