MEREDITH - What theological questions are most debated among Mormons? Right now, a lot of Major Protestant religions are talking about the issue of homosexuality and the clergy. Is the anti-Mormon movement related to what the "hot topics in Mormonism" are? How much reaction within the church do these groups provoke?

JOEL - Actually we pretty much agree on most things. Especially the things that have been revealed to us by revelation through our prophets. We never really debate about anything in the Church. We mostly just try to educate and uplift each other. There have been some issues raised from a few people on subjects such as homosexuality, abortion, and women's rights. But there really aren't any large scale debates about the main doctrines of the Church. We believe our doctrines have come by revelation directly from God. How can you have a debate with God on what is right or wrong? Our latter-day prophets receive inspiration directly from God on how the Church should be run. We have faith that this is so and so we accept their council and direction. Everyone lives the gospel the best they can. If they have a problem with something they take it up with God Himself through prayer. Also, our clergy always make themselves available to help individual members with any problems they might have.
There really aren't any what you call "hot topics" within the Mormon Church. The "anti-mormon movement" pretty much goes on outside the Church without much response to it from within the Church. They have their own "hot topics" that they use to try and prove how "unchristion" the Mormon Church is. Some can get pretty offensive about it. But we really try to just ignore it. As someone once said, "Only the confident can afford to be calm and kindly; only the fearful must defame and exclude." The only effect it might occasionaly have is on a member who is already weak in their testimony and devotion to the gospel, who choses to believe what they are saying and then falls away from the Church because of it. But according to the numbers, the so called "anti-Momron movement" doesn't seem to be having much of an effect on the overall growth of the Church.

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