MANUEL - I've heard that Gordon B. Hinkley said that we couldn't use face cards. is this true?

JOEL - I have not recently heard of him specifically mentioning face cards, but he has in the past taked about the evils of gambling, as have other prophets.
The two most common criticisms of playing with face cards have been, first, that it is a waste of time, and second, that it tends to end in gambling.

President Brigham Young exhorted the Nauvoo Saints in 1845 to “put down” gambling and various other “abominations.”

President Heber J. Grant said,
“The Church has been and now is unalterably opposed to gambling in any form whatever,”

President Joseph F. Smith said:
“While a simple game of cards in itself may be harmless, it is a fact that by immoderate repetition it ends in an infatuation for chance schemes, in habits of excess, in waste of precious time, in dulling and stupor of the mind, and in the complete destruction of religious feeling. … There is the grave danger that lurks in persistent card playing, which begets the spirit of gambling, of speculation and that awakens the dangerous desire to get something for nothing.

President Spencer W. Kimball gave the same message. “From the beginning we have been advised against gambling of every sort,”

President Kimball also stated the following:
"We hope faithful Latter-day Saints will not use the playing cards which are used for gambling, either with or without the gambling. As for the gambling, in connection with horse racing or games or sports, we firmly discourage such things." (General Conference, 1974)
As far as I know President Hinckley has not come out and specificaly stated that we should not have face cards in our home. God is not going to command us in every little thing. Most important is to not let playing such games control our lives, waste our time, or lead to gambling.

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