KRIS - I am a student doing a project on different religions. There are a few questions I would like to ask. Why is the Book of Mormon use some of the same words as the Bible, but change them around a bit? It is a sin to take anything from the Bible and add human words or subtract God's words. I've noticed extravagent temples that tithes from members have built, and what is the purpose of them? To show how wealthy Mormons are? How do you know that you are not trapped in a cult? A human just like you made up this religion, and what if you are believing in lies from the Devil? Satan makes many divisions and diversions from the truth, and what if mormonism is one of them? If you don't accept Jesus Christ to save you from Hell because of the many sins you have committed, there is no other way to fill the void in your soul and to worship God forever in Heaven. You cannot get there by being good, or doing good works. I think that somehow people are led to believe that they are following truth. Legalism is a sign of religion, not of freedom in Christ. When people make up the rules, you know that something not of the Lord is going on. Please answer these questions and give me a valid reply as to why your religion is the only one and why anyone who doesn't believe what you do will perish forever. If these questions remain unanswered, I will assume that you don't have the anwers because you don't know yourself.
I want to know why men are favoured in your book. God does not show partiality! Joseph Smith wrote it, and God obviously did not speak through him! Can you not see that this is a cult!!!!! Joseph Smith decided that he would become a leader by writing a bible and putting himself high as a prophet from the Lord! I even read that he killed some people! How evil can this "prophet" get? I feel so sad that people searching for truth find mormonism thinking that is the truth, but really are being trapped by the Devil!!! He is sitting on top of the Mormon Temple rubbing his hands together and smiling wickedly. These are the last days! Satan is desparately trying to tear all Christians from the truth. YOU CAN NOT GET TO HEAVEN BY YOUR WORKS OR THE RANK YOU ARE IN BECAUSE OF YOUR WEALTH! God is a just God, and He DID NOT speak through JOSEPH SMITH! Every New Testament leader was humble and like Christ. None floated in riches proclaiming untruth. Every one of them put focus off themselves and onto Jesus. A few fell away(some of his disciples), but that was because they were tested by Satan and failed. I don't understand why you follow the teachings of a human being, who, in fact, was not as much of a saint as everyine thinks!

JOEL - You seem to be quite upset. When you write your report about the different religions are you going to be just as kind to others as you were to my church? If our religion bothers you so much why not just ignore it? It will make your life so much happier if you can just live your life the best you can and try to be less judgemental of others. It's the Christian thing to do :-)
I have already answered most of the questions you have asked in my web site on the two following pages:
Please look through these first. If there are still some questions that are not answered, and you really do want to or need to know the answers, try asking me again (without the editorial comments). But I get the feeling that you are just venting some anger and that you don't really care what the answers are. I learned a long time ago that it is a waste of time to argue with anyone about the gospel. It brings about a spirit of contention, which is not conducive to any kind of spiritual experience. As the saying goes "A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still."
I have put my religion to the test by living by the principles and gospel of Jesus Christ. I have found that it has helped me live a happy, fulfilling life that has been full of spiritual experiences, and that it has been something that I can rely on to help me through the hard times. I love and serve my family. I love and serve my neighbor. I love and serve God. If doing all this is going to send me to Hell, then so be it.

KRIS - First of all, I would like to sincerely apologize for the way my questions sounded and for any rudeness I portrayed through them. After I sent them, I realized I shouldn't have been so quick. It might not neccessarily be the LDSs that I am talking about, because I know that many are very kind and good. I just hope that this Mormon religion is not looking up too highly to men like Joseph Smith. I agree with certain things from your religion, but many I cannot accept. Sorry again for my attitude towards you

JOEL - Apology accepted. Perhaps I should note that while we do place great importance on the prophet Joseph Smith, we do not worship him nor do we think that he was anything more than just a man. He had his strengths and weaknesses, but he also just happened to be the one God chose to perform the great work of restoring the full Gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth. We consider him a prophet of God like Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and today's prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley.

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