JOSH - Does the lds church associate with other churches?

JOEL - The LDS Church is not officially associated with any other religious organization. However, the Church has developed very friendly relationships with many other churches and nonreligious institutions. The LDS Church has cooperated with other religions in helping to feed and clothe the poor and to relieve suffering resulting from various catastrophies throughout the world.
For example, in 1953, a cooperative movement on the part of all Utah denominations collected relief supplies for Greece to relieve suffering caused by earthquakes. The United Churches Ionian Relief Committee included the Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches, the Jewish synagogues, and the Latter-day Saints.
Church officers participate with leaders of other faiths in Christian interchange. LDS leaders in many countries are welcomed to interfaith devotionals with their Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox counterparts. The Church has also been a major participant in religious broadcasts in the VISN Religious Interfaith Cable Television Network, which represents most major denominations in the United States.
An organization for christian understanding was established at Brigham Young University. Funded and advised by a variety of Christian groups it fosters religious studies, lectures, forums, and exchange programs. It also sponsors interfaith meetings where common as well as controversial theological issues are presented by representatives of each tradition, and where workshops help resolve tensions in an atmosphere of goodwill.
In my own town, a small Baptist church was badly damaged in a fire. Our Stake President organized a committee of LDS volunteers that provided assistance to the Baptist congregation to help them restore their Church; donating materials, labor, and profesional help to get the job completed. We have also worked together on various fund raising projects for local charity organizations.

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