JEREMIAH - Is there any point by point information,on what the Mormons believe as far as, what kind of condemnation comes to those that do not believe, in the Mormon Religion?

JOEL - All those that do not believe in the Mormon religion will be damned. WHAT?!? Don't get too upset. Because when it comes time for the final judgement probably 70 to 80 percent of all Mormons will also be damned. But this does NOT mean that any of these people, Mormon or non-Mormon, are going to end up in the same Hell that contains satan and his followers.
Being damned is not really the same thing as going to that final destination we call Hell. Hell is mostly reserved for Satan and his followers. The word "damnation" is a term derived from the Latin damnum, meaning "injury" and "loss," and connotes deprivation of what should have been possessed. In LDS doctrine, to be damned means to be stopped, blocked, or limited in one's progress. People are damned whenever they are prevented from reaching their full potential as children of God. Damnation is falling short of what one might have enjoyed if one had received and been faithful to the whole law of the gospel.
The LDS Church believes that almost everyone on this earth will be saved into one of three levels of glory in heaven; Telestial, Terrestrial, or Celestial; the latter being the residence of God. So, all who do not achieve the highest degree of the Celestial Kingdom in heaven(which will include a lot of Mormons) are damned, even though they might still be saved in one of the lower degrees of glory.
You asked for a point by point list of what kind of condemnation comes to those who do not believe in the Mormon religion. Actually, we like to call it the Church of Jesus Christ. Here is the list:
Hmmmmm. I can't really think of any. The real condemnation comes to those who have already accepted the gospel and already are members of the church, but who then break the commandmants and covenants they made with God when they became members.
But I guess one thing that will trouble those souls who do not accept and live the gospel, will be the sadness and disapointment they will feel, as they sit in one of those lower kingdoms of Heaven and realize what they should have done so they could have lived an eternal life with God. They will also miss out on a lot of happiness they could have had while living on this earth with the gospel in their lives.

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