JAMES - Regarding your statement that Mormons need not study Greek and/or Hebrew because we have Apotles and Prophets who have already done that. Where did Joseph Smith learn Greek and/or Hebrew from? How about the Prophets and Apostles? Every translation of the Bible OTHER THAN the Mormon version is made by a committee of greek and hebrew scholars, but Joseph Smith, who can't even punctuate or spell his native english correctly, even with "God's help" has the nerve to say that it is translated incorrectly. Doesn't this seem convenient? By the way, I have never had an egyptian class, but Joseph Smith mistranslated the Book of Abraham. Really.

JOEL - Perhaps I should clarify my answer. What I mean to say is that the translations have already been done by prophets of God and we therefore have no need to retranslate any of it on our own.
Because Joseph was a prophet of God there is no requirement for him to have any extensive learning in the Hebrew or Greek languages, although he did spend some time studying them. Joseph Smith retranslated the Bible through power and inspiration from God. When he translated the Book of Mormon he had no knowledge of the language it was written in, nor did anyone else in the world. He therefore required the help of God to translate that, as well as the Book of Abraham. The translation of Abraham may not exactly correlate to that of worldly scholars, but it will be according to what God wants it to say.
Of course, the ability to accept this would require one to have faith that it is true, along with a strong testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.
I can't spell nor puncuate very well either, but the works I publish dealing in the field of science are highly accepted by my peers and are regarded as legitimate factual documents. The only difference is that my knowledge came by way of study and experience; Joseph Smith's came by way of revelation from God, which would be much more reliable.
Joseph Smith was not infallible, but we have faith that what God revealed through that prophet is His will and His word.
You say "EVERY translation of the Bible other than the Mormon version is made by a committee of greek and hebrew scholars". If these greek and hebrew scholars are so reliable, why can't they all get together and come up with only ONE correct translation of the Bible?

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