INTERESTED - How many people did Joseph Smith kill during his life? How many did he kill on the day he died? Why?

JOEL - Joseph Smith was falsely accused of doing several things, including killing people. But the only people he may have killed, were two men of an angry mob on the day of his death. Why did he kill them? Because they were trying to kill him and his brother and his friends; which of course is what finally happened on that fateful day in June of 1844. He was simply trying to defend himself. As members of the mob were trying to shoot their way into the room where Joseph and the others were imprisioned, one of the murderer's bullets hit and killed his brother Hyrum. After watching his brother die, Joseph pulled out a gun that had been given to him earlier, stuck it out the door towards the mob of men, and blindly shot it in their direction. The reports claim that a few of the rounds missfired and a few others struck and killed two men and wounded another. We are not certain however of the reliability of these reports

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