HEATHER - What are some similarities between this religion and Hasidic Judaism?

JOEL - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a Christian religion. Hasidic Judaism is of course Jewish. Because of that there really aren't very many similarities between the two. Both religions believe in a God who we should pray often to.
The Hasidic is a much more strict form of Jewish belief compared to the main Jewish religion. So I guess you cold say another similarity is that Mormonism is much more strict adherence to the teachings and commandments of Christ as compared to other Christian religions.
Both religions believe in the importance of a Temple. But for the Hasidic the only Temple is the one that was built in Jerusalem and that some day will be rebuilt. The Mormon religion also believes that Temple will be rebuilt but it also builds modern-day temples all over the world, using them for a different purpose.
A site that describes the different sects of Judaism is at the folowing address:

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