DIANE - Hello I am a college student who is taking a World Religions course and need your help. I have to write a paper on how a Sunday church service would go about. It would help to know a step by step prosses on how the service is done. I have choosen the Mormon religion because my biological mother has been reborn as a Mormon.

JOEL - A typical Mormon Sunday service is separated into three different periods of time that all together takes about 3 hours each Sunday. The first period of time is called the Sacrament Meeting. The Bishop who is the leader of the congregation(also called a "Ward") sits at the front of the chapel with his two assistants called councelors. All three together are called the "Bishopric". There is also a clerk who takes minutes of the meeting. One of the members of the Bishopric will conduct the meeting and announce what will be in the program. The meeting starts with a congregational hymn followed by a prayer by one of the church members. The one who is conducting will then make any announcements that the congregation needs to know. The ordinance called the Sacrament is then begun by the singing of another congregational hymn. During the singing the young men of the priesthood(called Priests) prepare the Sacrament by breaking the bread into small pieces. Following the song, one of the Priests says a prayer for the bread, which represents the body of Christ. The bread is then passed out to all members by other young priesthood men called Deacons. One of the Priests then says a prayer for the water, which represents the blood of Christ. The water is then passed out to all members in small cups(one for each member). The Sacrament is a very reverent period of time where members reflect on the Savior and make personal commitments to live His Gospel and repent of sins. The Sacrament ordinance is then usually followed by a couple of short talks by younger members of the ward and then longer talks by two adult members, sometimes separated by a congregational hymn. Those who speak are either members of the ward, visiting church leaders, or perhaps a new or returning missionary and his family. The first Sunday of the month is called "Fast Sunday". On this day all members come to church having fasted at least two meals. During the Sacrament meeting members of the congregation are invited to come to the podium and share their testimony of the gospel and of Christ. When the talks are over there is a closing hymn sung followed by a closing prayer.

The second period of time is called Sunday School. All adult members meet together in one class and the younger members(18 and younger) separate into classes according to their age. Here they are taught lessons about the Old or New Testament or other scriptures and doctrines of the Church.

The third period of time involves meetings for the Priesthood(all the teenage and adult men), Relief Society(all the adult women), The Young Women(teenage girls), and the Primary(all the children under 12 years). Lessons and discussions are carried on in these meetings. All these meetings begin with a song and prayer and end with a prayer.

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