DEBBE - I wanted to know your own personel opinion of Emma's unwillingness to accept the teachings of plural marriage. I can't imagine that Emma can be lost after all that she went through. What is your opinion.

JOEL - Emma was very dedicated to her husband but was also a very strong willed person. There were many others besides her who found it difficult to accept the teachings of plural marriage. Plural marriage was not the only thing that she disagreed with, however. After her husband's death she had a hard time following the Council of Twelve on other theological and economic matters. She became embittered and influenced her children against following the direction of the Twelve. As a result she separated herself from the church and took many with her. This is something that she will have to do some degree of repentance for in the next life before she can take her place again by Joseph's side. The Church has certainly forgiven her, however, and has always recognized her for her important role in the restoration of the church.
No one on this earth can make a judgment as to whether or not Emma is "lost". That is up to the Judge of us all. Everything she went through while supporting her husband certainly had to count for something. Joseph Smith, who once called her an "elect lady", said that he would go to the very depths of Hell to get her back if he had to. I am certain after he died, he did just that.

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