From an article called Canada's Last Wild Horses:
"Preliminary evidence indicates ancestral horses inexplicably went extinct in North America about 8,000 years ago (Naylor,pers.comm.), and the most recent fossil Equus from Canada dates to about 12,000 years ago (Harrington, pers. comm.). However, the compete extirpation of ancestral horse stock in Canada has yet to be completely confirmed and a bone found near Sutherland, Saskatchewan, at the Riddell archaeological site suggests some horses might have survived much later. The bone (Canadian Museum of Nature I-8581), has been tentatively dated at about 2900 years ago. Another Equus sp. Bone, found at Hemlock Park Farm, Frontenac County, Ontario, dates to about 900 years ago. Exhaustive confirmation of both bones has yet to be completed, but if they prove to be authentic, they comprise evidence that horses survived in Canada into comparatively modern times."

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