ARNOLD - Are there any official remarks from the LDS Church regarding UFO sightings?

JOEL - There have been thousands of sightings of UFOs in the world, especially over the past 50 years. I personally have seen one myself. The question is, do these UFOs contain occupants that originate from a world other than our own?
A question that we should first answer is, are there other worlds in the universe with human inhabitants like us? Latter-day Saint prophets and scripture teach that other worlds similar to this earth have been and will be created and inhabited in fulfillment of God's eternal designs. In a vision given to Moses, the Lord said,
"Worlds without number have I created; and I also created them for mine own purpose,…there are many (worlds) that now stand, and innumerable are they unto man" (Moses 1:33, 35).
This same many-worlds view is echoed in other scriptures (see Heb. 1:2; D&C 76:24; Moses 7:30; Abr. 3:12). Joseph Smith taught that old physical worlds pass away while new ones are being formed (Moses 1:35, 38), that each system of worlds has its own laws (D&C 88:36-38) and Jesus Christ is the creator of all these worlds (D&C 76:24; 93:9-10). The infinite Atonement is intended to bring life and redemption to all the children of the Eternal Father, including those of other worlds who "are saved by the very same Savior of ours" (T&S 4:82-85).
So, according to God's revealed word, there are other people living on other worlds out there. The question is have they visited our earth? As far as I know the LDS Church has no official word as to whether or not this earth has been visited by extra-terrestrials, except of course for God Himself and angels who have appeared from time to time.
Given the fact that we know that there are others living on other worlds, it is possible that we have been visited by them, but very improbable according to what science has learned so far. Investigators usually discover ordinary explanations for most UFO sightings. Most scientists believe that there is not enough reliable evidence to connect these sightings with life from other planets. Also, the nearest solar systems that could possibly contain inhabited planets are so far away, that it would require technology that accommodates traveling at speeds faster than light in order to reach our own solar system.
Have I seen a UFO? Yes I have. Do I believe it came from another world? No I don't. But I am not closed-minded to the possibility.

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