APRIL - In the mormon church do they feel woman can and should join the military if they wish?

JOEL - If a woman really wants to join the military, she is free to do so without any condemnation from the church. Such a woman however, must be very strong in her faith and obedience to gospel principles, in order to exist in that environment and still be able to maintain her good standing in the Church.

A prominant woman leader in our church once said:
"I would hope that all Latter-day Saint women would think long and hard about the regimentation of enlistment in the military services, for our experience with women in the military is very disappointing. A career military officer, who is a good Latter-day Saint, observed, "I have seen both sides of the story: clean, wholesome, young ladies who have lived their religion and who have anxiously and effectively shared it with others; and then I have sadly witnessed some of these young ladies become engulfed in mire and filth. Unfortunately, the majority of the cases fall in the latter category." ("Battlefront or Homefront?" by Barbara B. Smith, General President of the Relief Society)

This came from a talk on this subject at this site.
It's a 30 year old talk but still relevant today.

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