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16 January 2022

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Muslims and Latter-day Saints: Beliefs, Values and Lifestyles

* A New Pamphlet Urges Understanding Between Muslims and Latter-day Saints
* Interreligious Council Meets with Peru President Pedro Castillo
* Humility ‘Will Change Your Life Dramatically,’ BYU President Kevin J Worthen Tells Students
* More Than Just Sewing Fabric — Days for Girls Service Project Changes Lives of Givers and Receivers
* Inside the first 18 months of the new mission in Ethiopia: Pandemic, civil unrest and lots of miracles
* Elder De Feo participates in Conference on the Future of Europe session
* Episode 66: BYU athletic directors Tom Holmoe and Liz Darger on excellence in sports, BYU’s Honor Code, gospel principles; featuring Sheri Dew as guest host
* Temple reopening status tracker — through Jan. 25
* BYU responds to federal investigation of its LGBTQ policies
* The Mormon farm in Cambridgeshire

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